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Batik fashion of Indonesia heritage

Liem Ping Wie is one of the influential figures as a pioneer the emergence of the Peranakan Chinese in Pekalongan batik. Even the great Dutch population age sejka label Liem Ping Wie still survive until the fourth generation, Liem Poo Hien.

Batik produced by Liem Ping Wis is commonly called Hokokai batik.
Batik is typical of this type has a self-existence of two motifs in a single fabric, called motifs early in the afternoon. Usually the motives which dominated the morning wear bright colors, while dark colors used in the afternoon.

Creation of the motive could not be separated from the history of Indonesian occupation. At that time people are afraid to leave the house so that the purchase of raw materials and equipment can not be done. Therefore, they must optimize the material already in the house. In this recessive condition, emerged the idea of making two motifs in a cloth so as to save material.

Motif batik offered home Liem Ping Wie will Chinese culture is very subtle. There are various motifs of fish, birds, and butterflies. In addition, the Dutch influence also acquire color motif batik cloth this Peranakan Chinese.

More Concerned With Batik

As the people of the nation which was named as heir to the original culture batik, it is proper if we do not only recognize but also the beauty of batik-making process of the fabric itself.

Manufacturers of washing soap batik, namely PT. Kao Indonesia moved to introduce this process to the public. In collaboration with designers Edward Hutabarat they travel to the introduction of batik batik manufacturer cities in Java.

Edward himself aware that if the current new batik just a trend, then the cause is unconscious community about the long process of creating a batik cloth.

With introduction effort batik making process to the public is invited to make people not just admire the beauty of batik cloth, but also want to care about batik making process.


Probe History of Batik China

There's no question that the development of batik in Indonesia is strongly influenced by foreign cultures, one China. Interestingly, not only Chinese culture which affect the batik, but also vice versa, batik culture affects the culture of China.

This can be seen from the craze of ethnic Chinese in the women wearing batik sarongs and batik pants for male. Attraction makes them want to be creative also create batik motifs and ornaments that are inspired by Chinese culture.

Initially presenting china batik motifs derived from Chinese mythical animal that is identical to the phoenix, dragons, turtles, gods and goddesses.
All ornaments are often predominantly red or the blue color also slipped.

Just around 1910, began taking china batik motives buketan pictorial interest or that are affected from the Dutch batik patterns.

Finest batik in Pekalongan

Pekalongan batik does have charm and characteristics that are different from other local batik. Batik is the typical coastal-color known this was enough to go abroad, especially with the status of the town of Pekalongan batik.

One of the places of production are fairly well-known batik batik Cahyo brands located in the Village Setono, Pekalongan. Brands owned by Nur Cahyo this can be found in the famous batik galleries, such as batik or batik Hadi Dana Semar.

According to designer Edward Hutabarat, batik is batik Cahyo finest in the town of Pekalongan. Nur Cahyo shrewdness in playing batik motifs and color processing make very attractive batiknya Japanese tourists.


Displaying Enchantment Batik Semarang through Santa Statue

Ahead of Christmas PG-TK-SD Petra make a big project in order to break the record for World Record Museum of Indonesia (Muri). They made a statue of Santa Claus as high as 4 meters. The statue was exhibited on the 2nd floor of Ciputra Mall, Semarang, as well as to enliven the Great Sale of 2010.

Uniquely, the statue was fitted with batik fabric collage Semarang. This event is not free from attempts to introduce more Batik Semarang to young people who may be more to know about batik pekalongan or solo.

The statue is divided into three sections fitted with an advanced collage batik cloth, which is the head of the body, and legs. For the motif of batik cloth Semarang was chosen is not arbitrary. They take a motif Gedangan beautiful, Swallow Kinasih, cempaka juice, and tamarind monument semarang, because the motive is a depiction of the majesty of batik in Semarang.


Batik Irfan Bachdim

Along with the growing popularity of Irfan Bachdim at AFF Cup, then came out a few ideas to make the goods that his idea was taken from the young leaders of this football interesting.

Well, Kompas reported that a batik in Malang immediately made batik design with Irfan Bachdim. Product sells batik. Congratulations yes.

Whenever there are batik Gonzales?


In the beautiful Glass Wrap Batik

Well, not a pretty picture glass and pitcher on top? Everything is unique batik Solo.

Armed with canting and it poses special paint from Holland, Artika Sawita channeling their creativity in batik on glass. Cool, works of batik is very interested until into the international market. Even Artika not pan dollars in his efforts, but dollar.

This is not separated from the uniqueness of the goods offered Artika production. In addition to glass, the items in the batik include plates, cups, jars until used bottles that sit light dirangkainya be very beautiful.


Creative Batik on Klompen

Today not only sandals and shoes dikolaborasi with batik motifs, but also modified with batik klompen to be look more beautiful.

Craftsmen from Probolinggo East Java, Agus Setiwan is starting klompen batik business. This business dilakoninya since 2 years ago and so far very enthused by the marketplace.

Looking to get creative and he care community with the beauty of batik, making Indonesia's cultural heritage is increasingly being loved by the nation's children.




10-month period of 10 years of date 2010, I and my office friends to friends an invitation to my wedding in Singaraja - Bali, incidentally was a friend's office,

We had confused for dress code issues, one will wear the kebaya, anyone want to wear t-shirts aja (since Singaraja pretty hot), just all-round deh so noisy talking about dress code issues.

finally me and my friends (only two) decided to use the batik aja deh, some agree there are not, they say if batik too kayak bapak2 ah ... because that brangkat many young children.

yes I've let me think how do I use batik tetep but still young plasticity and stylist, as a result ... .. we were still fashionable, batiks I mix and match with jeans become brilliant.

Photos and articles from lucia posts on Denpasar

Batik Wear pretty right?

At the graduation day of our children, invite some friends batik wear for the occasion. and we have the opportunity to take pictures with ...
By wearing a colorful batik color looks beautiful and we look pretty right?

Photo and article submission from jantie a. Sugiharto in semarang



Indonesian Culture Night in Munich Germany

Community Self Reliance Indonesia Indonesia joined in Munich held a cultural night 'Indonesischer Kulturabend "(IKA) in the building Anton Fingerle Bildungszentrum, Schlierseestr, Munich, Germany.

No less than 450 spectator events didukungan mengadiri Consul General in Frankfurt and Berlin Embassy and the Indonesian Student Association (PPI), Munchen. This cultural evening opened with a dance line and cutting the cone by the mayor's office Herr Bauer from Munich.

This event aims to raise funds for social projects Swadaya Indonesia Munchen (KIDS) to help underprivileged children and provide scholarships. In pegelaran over 3 hours is shown various regional dances, and music lagu2 area, angklung and fashion show and batik kebaya. Tarian2 series and is packaged in a single musical theme of "Indonesia - the beautiful unknown."
Indonesian Food Bazaar and sales of handicrafts and batik produk2 also helped to enliven the event.

Exhibition of batik cloth that was held in the entrance is also very attracted the attention of visitors. Collections on display include batik Cirebon, Yogyakarta batik, batik Solo.

Photo and article submission from Dyah Kerstin Ronawati in Geisenfeld, South Germany

The Life Grid Batik Designers

Bersyukulah us to God, because we can enjoy the work of the people who have high creativity. even the patent of batik has been recognized by the government and even the world that batik from Indonesia.
When we saw 10-20 years backward how batik our fate? pak Harto even when his time directing and his leadership in late Texstil we especially fell sharply even our Export Quota to America in the stop. Excess of this incident many textile designers as well as lost income and textile entrepreneurs.
Year 1990 s / d in 1992 to work as a designer in Texmaco Jaya Textile and after that I made a studio named ARTEX STUDIO texstil to 1994 with coverage to Singapore, Italy and America. at that time quite fantastic design and sales cooperation textile designer and fashion designer well interconnected. The designers eager to refers to the work of tebaiknya. Indonesian batik exhibition anywhere. Since the fall of Soeharto, Batik participate stepped down, even from among the younger generation to feel embarrassed when wearing batik with a variety of reasons (old, rich grandparents etc.).
Once there is recognition of Malaysia, just a lot of attention from the public and the government response that eventually Allhamdulillah batik back kepangkuan motherland and the seriousness of the government has required particular servants to wear batik back if pak Harto era batiknya one color is KORPRI, but now his batik diverse.
I hope the textile entrepreneurs, especially Batik Indonesia to maintain the existence of Batik and can motivate us back to the designer batik batik to mengembakan us so that our children are happy to wear batik designs Up to date. The important thing we can appreciate the great works of the artists batik. make a contest or exhibition of batik, I believe the future will show young artists who have the creativity that is better than its predecessor. Presents a buyer or Bayer from neighboring businessmen.
Add to Indonesia as the central batik world, if we want to acknowledge the work of our artists with artists outside of baseball lost, only the existing problems of the artists lack of appreciation from the community, especially the government and still a lot of interest and the valuation is less open.
The authors apologize if this writing there are both personal and istansi offended, because what I write is spontaneous based on personal research and now the author of more activity in the Graphics and paint. for original works of batik while still in the picture the sheet piles. Trimakasih, once again I apologize with the words that are less good.

Photo and article submissions from Eko Herry Waluyo on Jl. 17A High Tomang RT.011 RW.07 No.17 Kel. Tomang West Jakarta




Christmas Worship Celebration with batik

to create a new atmosphere, the celebration of Christmas is not always wear red, green or white only. To increase the sense of kinship, batik can also reflect a sense of togetherness among others, in accordance with the theme of Sunday School Christmas this year - the Lord Jesus came with joy -

Photo and article submissions from Triwahyuni in Pekanbaru, Riau

Over time, it looks like later Batak would not only famous for its ulos, but also with his batik production. This Balakangan batik hobo began intensively produced with the motives are no less beautiful with Javanese batik.

Cahya Nur Nasution is one of the craftsmen who had learned batik in Pekalongan batik. Once returned to the field, his creativity began to set forth with teddy motif batik making Sigale-Gale and Gorga derived from Batak, shoot Bamboo Shoots from the Malays or motive Pangeret eret from land-Karo.

But by his confession, motive Gorga is the most popular motive market. Gorga itself in the language of the Toba Batak tribe is a pattern or motif on the scarf hobo and the images carved on custom homes.


Determination of UNESCO that batik is a genuine cultural heritage of Indonesia was given a tremendous impact. Many batik production area had died, finally showed geliatnya again. It also occurs in typical batik Jember.

Batik Batik is the typical Jember Balako taking clove leaf motif. While the name itself has a meaning balako processing tobacco leaves. According to Mawardi, one in the village of batik artisans Sumberpakem Sumberjambe District, batik production is increasing thanks to the determination.

Currently, he is often flooded with orders, especially from the offices of government / private companies. But unfortunately, many of which he rejected because of limited capital.





Batik Fabric Weaving Offers Kediri

Our craftsmen from BATIK WEAVING AIRPORT BOUND UD in the city who beralamt kediri offer our products such as cloth / clothes batik ikat, other than woven fabric products, we also manufacture gloves jakarta goyor or people say gloves goyor dg flower motif and flower boxes without a sewing center tumpal ,, we also serve both parties as well as retail orders .. if interested please contact us .. thanks

Photo and article submissions from the town of Kediri isyom

Channel Business Opportunity - The light shines only the more decorative batik

If you have previously been informed about
batik ceramics, so this time a craft from Cirebon is also the theme is no less fascinating batik, batik is light.

Batik craft lamp was initiated by Anggi Yanuar, craft business owners who named Yellowcraft. However, focusing Yanuar motif used to decorate Cirebon batik comes from.

This is because, the motive Cirebon immateriality judged to have a more subtle than other motives.

Price given Yanuar on creations ranging between Rp 100,000 to Rp 450,000 depending on the size of the lamp. Yanuar producing batik patterned lampshade height 50 cm-100 cm.

It turned out that not only has business Yanuar decorative lights, but still there are a few other crafters. The differences of each craftsman is located on the raw material. If Yanuar using media of wood, then the other crafters there that makes coconut shell as raw material to make decorative lamp.


Sunday, December 12, 2010 yesterday, the batik of the Cape of Earth Bangkalan, Madura, doing mentoring for elementary and junior high students. Madura's largest batik making skills are taught in accordance with the level of education.

For junior high students, they teach the technique of batik sketching, while for primary school pupils are taught to give batik motifs on a sketch that has been available.

This effort to batik madura who became one of the cultural heritage can be preserved. Given training like this, it can be fun and provide additional knowledge and skills for children and teenagers.

Guitar "costumed" Batik

Guitar batik? What nonsense. However, that's one of the creativity of Indonesian children in optimizing the culture heritage of batik.

Indro, the man from Pucangsawit, Solo, Central Java, it manages to give the impression of ethnicity on the guitar makes. This is very interesting, what hope do we know the guitar is a musical instrument is often loved by teenagers.

Its uniqueness is also fruitful with orders flowing guitar batik. Almost every month Indro have to make 50 pieces of batik to order a guitar in various cities in the country.

Manufacturing process was not much different from the guitar in general. Only when finishing stage, the guitar work of this Indro will undergo the process of batik cloth sticking quite complicated because it can only be done once.

The condition is heartbreaking Batik Craft

Increasing the price of the cloth could not overcome. Some producers of batik in Solo started taking rescue measures by laying off some employees.

These conditions can not be avoided because mori prices which will likely continue to increase due to supplier of cotton from India, Sri Lanka and Texas that had just affected by the disaster. Not to mention the price of batik fabric dyes which are also often experienced increased price

The producers were anticipating with start thinking about replacement alternatives. Like the goat skin or cloth instead of wood, and promote natural dyes again to overcome the problem of skyrocketing prices of chemical dyes.


Titi Sjuman Laksana Princess

For fans of Indonesia Seeking Talent show considerable boom in the trans tv surely beautiful slender women know this. Sjuman Titi, a talented drummer as well as the movie player in Indonesia.

This beautiful women present yesterday at the Indonesian Film Festival title with a charming and ethnic costumes. At that Titi Sjuman mengenakanbusana designed by Anna Avantie.

Titi look very elegant with a long dress berploi and without shoulder. The dress sweeping the floor was made of a modern leaf-patterned batik floral motif with a combination of slope on the chest and the bottom. Just below the chest, he wore a metal belt carved.

By wearing the dress, Titi looks like a princess.


Convenience It's Important

Simplicity is the distinctive style that is always attached to the figure of Anne Avantie. By wearing black baggy pants combined with a bun hairstyles Anne felt very comfortable.

Anne principled, Fashion is important. Fashion it should. But fashion should blend with that person. Convenience is important. Therefore, Anne is not too dizzy with berbusananya style. He added, the costume was very supportive of activities that includes high.

Batik Watches

Hours including accessories are often used, both men and women. Usefulness as an indicator of time, make a clock is often the target of the consumer. This is not squandered by the producers.

Various creations hour launched into the market, so that clock is not just a timepiece but also a beautiful decoration. One of the creativity that made by the craftsmen at is to make hours of batik.

Heri, batik crafters Mojokerto is one of the crafters who have such a brilliant idea. Dipadukannya watches with batik cloth, thus creating the impression of ethnic diversity. Creative is not it?

Stop AIDS So Motif Batik

Stop AIDS Campaign is still ongoing digaung. Tireless efforts that this should be appreciated, given the level of free sexual intercourse increases.

One interesting effort is made batik patterned stop AIDS. Creativity takes place in one of the exhibition booth of the National Education Ministry, who was then entered into the exhibition world AIDS day commemoration of 2010.

Hopefully, this effort could be one of 'weapon' in order to reduce outbreaks of this deadly disease, especially at the youth of the nation.

Expensive Expensive Again ... Again ...

Increasing raw material prices increasingly threaten the productivity of the artisans of batik in Solo. Price cloth and candles make the crafters get expensive, especially the middle to bottom, should reduce the handicraft.

As judging from the media Republika, the price of cloth a few months ago are still ranged between Rp5.600-Rp7.500/yard, is now among Rp8.500-Rp10.000/yard. Price wax from Rp15.000-Rp25.000/kg now become Rp25.000-Rp28.000/kg.

If this is not immediately addressed, then bankruptcy is inevitable. Unfortunately, if that is famous for its peculiarity of Solo batik can not develop products because no funds.


Batik Recognize You!

Currently, batik has gained a place in the hearts of the Indonesian population, especially after its adoption as a cultural heritage in Indonesia. It seemed every time you wear batik arises a sense of pride in itself.

However, unfortunately this is often used as an opportunity to commit fraud. There is still a batik merchant who sells batik printing / screen printing, but is recognized as batik / cap.

As a buyer, you are expected to be more observant to assess cloth / batik clothes to be purchased. It would be easier if you would like to see / questioning authenticity label on the seller's batik batik cloth. Thus, your potential fooled quality batik can be minimized.


Batik feat. Angklung

Creativity Indonesian batik crafters do is endless. As performed by batik artisans in West Java that produces angklung patterned batik cloth.

As is known, batik has been established as a genuine cultural heritage of Indonesia, as well as with angklung. So the idea for the second mengolaborasikan ancestral cultures of Indonesia, are felt very traditional and exotic.

Hopefully creativity batik artisans will continue to grow and varied, thus making the rich and beautiful treasures batik Indonesia.




One of the important points in creating batik are staining elements. This technique was appointed by the five Chemical Engineering students Undip of 2007 in the race ecos (Economics Champhionship National Business Plan Competitions) on the theme "Entrepreneurship for future innovation."

They create natural ingredients are easily obtainable in the vicinity, to be used as dyes in batik cloth ethnic. Some materials that they use them for the color yellow pineapple, mangosteen to reddish brown, dark brown color of tea, cashew nut for the red color. All are considered as materials that are environmentally friendly.

Thanks to these studies, they had won 3 of 6 prestigious universities throughout Indonesia.

Shoes Batik in Malaysia!

Although Malaysia has locked horns with Indonesia on the case of batik, Agnes Tandia not afraid to market his batik products in the neighbor country.

Not! Agnes does not sell batik cloth, batik but shoes. Unique indeed. Uniqueness is what makes Agnes took great advantage. Nearly 80% of stock merchandise sold well.

This is not out of the appreciation given to Malaysian citizens of this product batik shoes. And unfortunately, according to Indonesia's own appreciation Agnes still less enthusiastic than the citizens of Malaysia.

Ceramic Batik Not Lose Stunning With Batik

Batik charm was not only limited to the fabric. Batik motif Countless are utilized well by Gunawan Permana, a businessman batik ceramics.

The result, not least with batik cloth, batik ceramics were also in great demand by the market, the majority of hotels, restaurants, and cafes that want to give the impression of ethnicity in business.

Creativity like this is what needs to be developed, and not just stagnant create batik on cloth. Maybe you can be creative as possible with batik motifs


103 Million For 3 Batik 'wedus Gembel'

As I wrote earlier that inspired the creation of Mount Merapi erupted motif, these motifs were reaping blessing.

Tuesday [30 November 2010] located at Plaza Ministry of Industry, Jl Gatot Subroto, Jakarta auction held three patterned batik cloth Mount Merapi and 'wedus Gembel'.

Proceeds from sales of the three amounted to Rp. 103 million rupiah. A fee that is fantastic value, because the auction is opened at a price of Rp. 200,000. All sales of this batik cloth Akah donated to the family affected the mountain erupted.

Fyuh! Batik Prices Rise

Rising prices of goods seems to have become the activities 'favorite' of the world market of Indonesia. As a result, the people especially the lower classes increasingly strangled by economic conditions are below average.

The increase in material prices also hit production of batiks. This is because the increase in cotton prices, which impact on the price of cloth. As one of the batik businessman, Komar, 'The cotton price has increased to Rp 430,000 per box from the previous USD 310 000 per box. The volume of one box of 10 pieces, in which one piece equivalent to 30 per square meter.

Automatic, with rising prices, batik must give up ourselves to be more expensive than two months ago.

Curriculum Batik? Why Not!

Efforts to increase the love of the young generation in the culture and traditional arts are very important in order to form a slick regeneration utuk future of art and culture of the nation.

One effort that deserves to be appreciated is the inclusion of the charged batik lessons in the school curriculum. This is done by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports (Dikpora) Solo.

Today they tried to practice the curriculum in Grades 4 to elementary education level, Grade 7 for SMP, grade 10 for high school and vocational school level.

Hopefully this can avoid extinction or a claim for art and culture of Indonesia, especially the batik.

Batik Ber-SNI

Indonesian national berstandart Product, or commonly abbreviated as ISO, is a product that has passed various tests so that safe and feasible for use in Indonesia.

When today we often see ads helmet air-Test, so this time batik can be air-Test. As performed by Craft batik batik Laweyan who have registered on Agency standards.

So far their products have entered the stage of testing by the Center for Batik Yogyakarta, and is expected soon will soon get the ISO label.

With the label of SNI, batik products they have warranties are not easily fade and strong.

Taught Refugees mbatik

Mount Merapi lava leleran not only destroy homes and property of residents, but also shut down the economy, especially agriculture and plantations.

This is what drives development of Kampung Batik Forum Laweyan [FPKBL] to provide training for refugees batik Mount Merapi in Klaten district. So expect the population to have an alternative enterprises to supplement the family economy.

FPKBL business is very good and exemplary by other communities if the community can add skills, such as community sculptor, ornamental plants, maintenance of birds, or other

If previously Edwitya Amandio, Indonesia's young drivers, racing car painted with batik patterns, then this would follow the formula Rifat Sungkar drift Asia in Thailand by using a helmet batik.

With the helmet batik, Rifat has established her love for the nation's cultural heritage while introducing audiences chic motif in Thailand.

See? Racer wrote love batik, what about you?

Imagining the seabrek Batik Motifs

What makes Indonesian batik is so popular until the world stage? Yup, for uniqueness and diversity of unique and beautiful motive.

Try to imagine, almost every region, or province, even cities, in Indonesia has the craft of batik, and all have distinctive features and different motives.

That new motifs that are typical of the region, what if coupled with the results of a combination of motives, among regions, such as Solo with motifs integrate Pekalongan, Madura or motif with Yogya.

One of the province is productive enough to create batik of East Java. Well, from information obtained from the newspaper Republika, motifs contained in the existing East Java 1300.
Wow! This is just the amount that is in East Java. What about other provinces?

Fyuh! Head would be very fullness if asked to imagine various motifs.