Thursday, October 15, 2009

Styling Scene Haircuts

Scene haircuts are one of the newest trends and are known by most as Emo haircuts. These hairstyles make use of dark colors, combined with light blonde sections for girls, long layers, side swept bangs and hair that has been straightened to reveal sleek styles. Through the styles that are created in the hair, there are many individuals that have chosen to have a hairstyle, that is “Scene” and versatile.

What should you ask for while trying to obtain a “scene” haircut? Keep in mind that long layers are prominent through the hairstyle and short layers on the top which are often back combed and teased to create a hairstyle that can literally reach new heights.

How should you style a scene haircut? The traditional way to style a scene haircut, well, the only way, is to wear the hairstyle straight. Poker straight hair with the use of anti frizz serum, good conditioner and a straightening iron is the only way that the hair is worn – for guys, as well as girls. Through the use of these tools, hairstyles can take an extended amount of time to style without the use of good products and effective tools.

While styling the hair, it is important to remember that the hair should be straight, can contain various colors and is often swept to the side, over one eye. To find inspiration for scene haircuts, there are a variety of hair galleries which are available and most stylists are familiar with the style and therefore can help to create a haircut that can work for you and a haircut and style that can portray the image that you wish to portray.