Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Cut Scene Haircuts

Cutting scene haircuts uses basic and modern layering techniques combined with aspects of style which are used to create volume within the top portion of the hair through the use of many short layers.

The first step to cutting a scene haircut is to determine the length that is going to be used as the style of the hair. This will be the longest layer. Although this can be trimmed, it is important to determine how much length the client would like left on the hair. Keep in mind that the majority of scene haircuts which are created are often made with longer hair and therefore the longer the bottom layer of the hair, the better.

Next, the other layers will be cut into the hair. Separate the hair into sections which will determine the various layers within the hair. There is often quite a variation which is left between these layers of the hair and the bottom layer. The bottom layer of the hair will include the length, where there are often multiple inches within the hair between in which the layers are created. Through these multiple inches of hair, the individual may choose to have shorter layers used only within the top portion of the crown, as well as the bangs, as this is the most effective way to create volume within the hairstyle. Through the use of hairstyles like this, individuals can have a modern appearing haircut, using traditional techniques, such as layering.

Scene haircuts often use elements of color to create a flair for the dramatic. Through the use of contrasting colors like black and blonde, individuals that have chosen to have scene haircuts can use color within a variety of ways to increase the appearance of texture within the hair and even focus on varying aspects of the style.