Monday, July 20, 2009

Style secrets A to Z.

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of things that help me create my own style and fill my life with special moments. As Chanel said "Fashion does not exist in dresses only..." Hope you find it interesting.

Art: I need to look at something beautiful to feel alive.
Alexis Mabille: Love his Haute Couture Fall 2009 collection.

Bottega Veneta: if you’ve been reading my blog then you’d probably remember that Bottega has a special place in my heart. I dream to own a BV dress and a bag. Shoes would be nice to have, too.

Burberry Prorsum: I love these clothes so much and adore Resort 2010 collection.

Bruges / Belgium: I love Bruges with all my heart. This beautiful little town is lke an old friend You know, a kind of friend that does not care if you are impossibly stylish or low-key, skinny or voluptuous, in heels or flats. It makes you feel at home and creates a feeling of comfort. It welcomes you with a plate of freshly made warm waffles topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream and pieces of fragrant strawberries. It’s always got delicious chocolates ready to make any moment very special. We go to Bruges when we need to unwind, relax and walk somewhere quiet and beautiful.

Books: I’ve been reading since I was 3 or 4, I can’t say for sure. Of course, back then it wasn’t Tolstoy or Pushkin. No, these were read a couple of years later since both of them wrote novels and poems (respectively) for children. My parents always bought me books. When I was a kid I wanted to have dolls as presents, but I’d always get a book instead. After a brief feeling of yet another disappointment, I’d soon be lost in a different world of beautiful stories for hours and toys didn’t matter any more. Of course, I had toys, too.

I need it to feel happy and cosy during cold autumn and winter months. It’s one of those luxuries I allow myself.

Chloe: one of my favourite designers. I adore relaxed and youthful style and Chloe’s shoes are so comfortable!

Carla Bruni’s music: there is something poetic and beautiful about her songs. I’ve been listening to her albums for ages and will never get tired of them.

Celine & Chanel: dreams…

Dogs: I’ve always had dogs. My first one was a silver miniature poodle, then I got a stunning doberman. Now I have my little cocker spaniel puppy.

Dresses: I prefer dresses to trousers and jeans and tend to go for classic shapes: shift or full skirt a-la Sophia Loren. I also adore tulip shape dresses as they are very flattering.

Diane von Furstenberg: Her wrap dresses are some of the best things I’ve ever bought. I feel really beautiful in these clothes. They nourish my feminine nature.

Estee Lauder Crystal Rose lipstick: my mum picked this shade for me and I love it.

Essential oils: another indulgence of mine. I love scents and often use essential oils as they are a natural combination of a wonderful fragrance and amazing qualities. My favourites are lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, ylang ylang, rose and neroli.

Fendi “B” bag: this is a very special bag for me. Not for fashion or vanity reasons, but because it was a present from my husband. Yes, I wanted this bag. And yes, it was too expensive for me to even think about it. One day S brought me a big box, which felt quite heavy. I opened it and saw IT. I cried because he remembered that this was something I really wanted, he got it for me because he thought it would make me happy and… because I felt that even such an insignificant person like me can have such a special present.

Flowers: I love fresh flowers. My favourite is a peach coloured rose. Now I have one in my garden, it’s called The Shepherdess and is a real English rose. I also adore peonies, crocuses and ranunculuses.

Givenchy Prisme Libre: my favourite, favourite, favourite powder!

Hair: I have long hair and a layered hair cut. The colour is natural and dark ash blond. I did dyed my hair for years. I had high lights and low lights, I had a ginger bob, I was blond and brunette and neither of these two suited me. My hair remained long until the age of 16 when I decided to cut at least half of it and had a perm (it was 1993, so don’t blame me). As it grew back I decided that the perm look wasn’t for me and switched to a bob hair cut. I had it for a few years, short and medium length. Then I moved to England and found it really difficult to find a good hair stylist. Every visit to a salon was a bit of a disappointment, but about two years ago I found my treasure, my Johnny, who created the most beautiful bob first and then helped me to grow my hair into what I’ve got now. I simply adore him.

Hotels: I like staying in hotels. You find yourself in a beautiful room and your life is packed in a suitcase, so you get the best picks.

Jeans: I don’t have many jeans, but I do like my Diesels, which I’ve been wearing for a few years now. At the moment I am looking around as would like to try other brands. Just curious, that’s all.

Jewellery: I have a few beautiful pieces. I don’t wear them often, but I treasure these necklaces and earrings because my husband gave them to me.


Lingerie: if there is one thing I need to boost my confidence and feel attractive it’s the lingerie. Some of my favourites include Aubade, Naori, Elle McPherson Intimates, Mimi Holiday by Damaris and Lejaby. For those in the UK, there is a very special shop called Vendetta in Blue Water park. It was opened last year and is run by the same people who’s got Wild Orchid in Moscow. They sell temptations…

Lalique: I often wear Cabochon ring. Mine’s in deep red.

Leather: I wear leather jackets. I wouldn’t wear any other leather clothes, but jackets are a must for me.

La Perla: I want it, but can’t have it… yet…

Love: I need to be in love to be happy.

Lanvin: love… and dream…

Michel Roux: his booked taught me that French cooking isn’t complicated and anyone can create beautiful and delicious things at home.

Mulberry: I love Mulberry bags and am a happy owner of Ledbury in Oak. Funnily enough, I’ve got this bag in Paris. At the moment I dream of Daria Hobo, it’s so simple and versatile. I love it’s shape, colour and the braided handle.

Make-up: I don’t wear much make up during a day. I prefer natural shades and Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite brands for achieving this look. I like to create something more dramatic for special occasions.
I use YSL mascara. There are two reasons for it: the packaging (yep, I am like a magpie and like everything shiny when it comes to my cosmetic bag) and it does not make my eyes feel uncomfortable as I’ve got very sensitive eyes.

Missoni: love…

Nuxe: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil. I use it on my face and body. Sometimes I also apply it on my hair.

Nina Ricci: dream…

Paris: if Bruges is my best friend, Paris is my love. Every time I am in Paris I feel like I am on a date. I can’t describe this magic. But can you really describe LOVE?

Perfume: just like essential oils, perfume is my element. I creates a cloud of “me” around me. I spent a lot of time trying to find my perfume. These days it’s Douce Amère, which means “bitter sweet”. It’s a very different scent and combines notes of cinnamon and Absinthe. Perhaps, this is just me, but I think it smells of chocolate as it develops and maybe, that’s why it’s called bitter sweet, just like dark chocolate.

Preen: I adore Preen dresses. So feminine.

Pencil skirt: it’s so classic, sexy and timeless.

Platforms: Love, love, love…

Quotes: There are a few I like. A good quote is like an essence of emotions in a sentence.

Rouge Noir: my favourite nail polish colour. I use Chanel, but Bourjois has a very similar shade, too.

Risotto: my favourite Italian dish that I cook quite well myself.

Rain: love walking in the rain in spring or listening to it when I am at home wrapped in a blanket.

Roland Mouret: dream…

I love shoes. That’s true. I don’t have many, but honestly, I would if I could. I’d probably have more than Imelda Marcos. I wear flats because I have to and I wear heels because I feel a lot more attractive and comfortable in them.

Silk: another luxurious fabric I love.

Scarves: I cannot have enough scarves. They allow me to create different looks in seconds.
Sunglasses: Once upon a time I was a girl who hardly ever wore sunglasses. Now I wear them most of the time. I guess, the only time I keep them in my bag is in the evening because I wouldn’t be able to see much.

Shirts: love white shirts.

T-shirts: I’ve got to have basic sleeveless T’s in my wardrobe. I order loads from La Redoute. The quality is good, they look nice and cost peanuts. Most of them are white. I prefer ribbed texture to the plain one.

Trench: One of the essential items in my wardrobe. It’s in chocolate brown and See by Chloe. I’ve been wearing it for several years now, but it’s so classic it will never go out of style.

Tan: I used to use sunbeds. Now I fake it.

Umbrella: Must have if you live in England. I am still looking for a yellow one. At the moment it’s brown with tiny white dots as it goes well with most the of stuff I wear.

Vogue: my must-have magazine.

V-neck: I prefer this shape on me as it creates the right look.

Versace: Their spring-summer 2009 collection is so beautiful. I think Versace bags are a bit too loud for me, but I do love some of the clothes.

Vanessa Bruno Athe: comfortable, beautiful clothes. Love…

Watch: I like statement watches. I’d rather wear a watch than jewellery.

Wedge: love wearing wedges. So comfy and make me look taller.

Yves Saint Laurent: dream.