Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Reasons to Use Real Hair Extensions

There are many benefits to choosing real hair extensions over synthetic and other choices. Hair extensions can be used to create volume and length within a variety of hairstyles. Real hair extensions are available for use in hair extensions that are sewn into the hair as well as hair extensions which can be clipped in or clipped on to the surface of the hair.

Real hair extensions can last weeks and even months longer than synthetic hair extensions, depending on the treatment that the hair extensions receive. This means that real hair extension can last up to three months until they require removal or replacement.

Real hair extensions also reduce the chances of the hair extensions becoming tangled as the cuticles within the hair are equal and are all facing the same way. Synthetic hair extensions can tangle easily and can be impossible to get rid of! Therefore, hair extensions that are created from synthetic hair can easily tangle and increase the risk that the stylist will have to remove these hair extensions from the hair.

Synthetic hair extensions may be less expensive, but they will need to be replaced more often and come with a higher risk of being damaged throughout the time that the hair extensions are styled.