Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maintenance of Hair Weave Hairstyles

Are you thinking about getting a hair weave but are unsure about the maintenance that comes along with the style? A hair weave are essential extensions which have been woven into the hair through the use of braiding and other weaving techniques, or hair extensions which have been sewed or glued on to the root of the hair. Through the use of a hair weave, an individual can experience a hairstyle that has a higher amount of volume through the style, as well as additional length.

Although a hair leave can change the appearance of the hair drastically, it doesn’t come without maintenance. The average hair weave lasts about twelve weeks, although it can last longer or shorter depending on the type of weave that has been chosen, whether real or synthetic hair has been used and the care that the individual has taken of the hair weave.

Through the use of the hair weave, when real hair has been used within the weave, it is important to wash the hair regularly as this can help to cause the hair weave to work cohesively with the natural hair which is present on the head. Synthetic hair can become frizzy, as well as become frayed and separated from the style in the case that too much washing has been experienced and therefore this should be avoided.

Weave hairstyles should be deep conditioned to ensure that the ends remain intact as well as providing the hair with a high level of moisture where the weave has been attached to the hair. This can increase the life span of the weave.