Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Create Black Hair Styles with Long Weave

Black hairstyles with long weaves are popular, as the hairstyles can be easy to manage and can be easily created through the use of an experienced stylist. Weaves are used to create new hairstyle for makeovers and extend short hairstyles to new lengths, literally.

When choosing a black hair style with long weave throughout the style, it is important to make the decision between human hair that will be used within the weave, and synthetic hair. Choosing between each option has various benefits and downfalls, such as the price – as real human hair can cost hundreds of dollars for a style to be created within the hair and woven into the existing strands.

To create the hairstyles which are popular with a weave through long hair, one must make use of the hair extensions that have been chosen. There are many techniques which are used to actually weave the extensions into the hair and this must often be completed by someone experienced with these techniques in order to be effective. Through the styles that are created, an individual can experience a complete makeover from the change in style.

Once the weave has been introduced into the hair, it can last up to four months depending on the quality of hair that has been chosen in the style, as well as the techniques that were used when the weave was styled into the hair. Depending as well on how the weave was cared for while in the hair, it can last for shorter or longer periods of time.