Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Complete Guide to Layered Hair Styles

There are a lot of different hairstyles that include getting one’s hair layered before beginning the style. For those of us who aren’t completely familiar with hairstyles, one might ask what is layered hair and how is it achieved? The answer is simple. Layered hair is when one’s hair is cut into different lengths, generally from longest to shortest. This is done by separating some hair underneath the rest and trimming to the desired length. Once that is done, take more hair down and trim a shorter length then the original strands. Repeat this for as many layers as desired.

When one’s hair is curly, they might question whether or not having layers would be a plus or negative. It really depends on the person and their hair type. For instance, one might have curly hair and when layered, it makes it seem thinner. Another person might find it even bushier when layered. One style that would be nice for curly layered hair is leaving the longer length down, and making the shorter lengths into an up-do. When clipped up, the hair can be made appear wisped out in a loose bun, or hanging down tied into a pony tail.

It is a little better when one has straight layered hair, as straight hair is more easily managed than any other hair type. Even left down and untouched, having layers in straight hair gives it an automatic flipped out look that would be cute for a bob cut. One cute style with straight layered hair would be using a flat iron to flip the hair inwards to frame the face. Depending on one’s preference, one might also choose to flip it out away from the face to give it a more flared look. Either of them would be very nice.

A lot of the younger generations have decided on a trend called “Emo”. This is kind of a punk-gothic look that generally involves black apparel, hair and the general feeling of not caring. Emo hairstyles that include layered hair are set up somewhat differently than other styles. One person may go with long hair with only one very short layer on top. This is great if one wants to spike the top layer while leaving the rest down. It makes for almost a crown shaped appearance. One may also try a few different layers, all of which are colored differently.

Hair accessories that are used in many types of layered hair tend to give it more dazzle. When one has some short layers, they may opt to use the basic bobby pins to keep the shorter layers in place. When creating a layered up do, it’s nice to find an elegant hair clip to clip up the longer layer, while the rest of the shorter layers stay out. This makes a cute style, especially if the clip has rhinestones or sparkles in some way. One could also use chop sticks as a cute accessory when putting pigtails in layered hair.