Thursday, March 12, 2009

Color Checking

I stopped by at and did the color checking, the result depends on your date of birth. Here's my result, surprisingly, it's quite true!!

You are Blue Tiger, who is cheerful and straight forward person, but you also possess pure and clean atmosphere.
You are very active, and don't flirt with men and are not cautious towards them.
You are open-minded person with big warm heart.
You can make decent decisions and have observing eyes.
You are also intelligent and self confident.
Nevertheless you are not very good at quick decision makings, and tend not to act before you are convinced thoroughly.
But once convinced, you will go the whole way.
You are very popular, because of the way in which you don't show favoritism and you can make decisions on reason.
Unlike your cheerfulness, you tend to be very sensitive and tend to worry needlessly.
You seem like a romantic type, but you are very realistic and don't go following your dreams forever.
You are actually thinking a lot about your future.
Although you seem like a big-sister type, you can be conservative towards men.
You have good sense, but your interests are rather old fashioned.
When you are in a difficulty, there will always be someone to help you.
Those who received lots of help from the others tend to become warm hearted, and take care of the other people well.
You tend to link love and marriage.
And you wish for the two to become one.
Even if you get married, you tend to find activity outside home, so it will be good for you to keep a distance.