Monday, October 6, 2008


Current mood: over-tired, over-excited, over-LOADED!!

Just got back from HOLIDAY!!!!
I just blessed that I still can spend my holiday being surrounded with people I love the most.
Well, my holiday was as great as usual. I'm so grateful that I still been able to travel :) although this is my #... visit to Bali, but this place is wonderful. You always want to back there for more. To double the experiences, the fun, the trip to ancient places and temples, eat delicious Balinese food such as duck and seafood :p even tanned your skin and cash out your money in every store that exist! LOL.
Nuff story about Bali, cos I'm sure everyone will know what I'd been doing there :)
The greatest thing was, my family. I really really, I mean REALLY love them. The only thing you can depend on is your family. The best thing to hold onto life is each other.
6 days in Bali.
How I miss my boyfriend. I thought last week was the longest time we didn't meet. We always see each other almost everyday :) I can't imagine what if I'm in LDR ( Long-Distance Relationship ). Never work for me. Never want to try it. Just, No. Never ever imagine that, even in my wildest dream.
Two thumbs up for them who can work the LDR!!!